Philadelphia Floor Store (PFS) has made monumental progress since suffering a devastating fire that leveled its headquarters in Conshohocken, Pa., on May 17.

The company immediately decided to rebuild, and has committed to come back bigger, better and stronger than ever.

In just a little over two weeks, PFS has set up a temporary command center in Boothwyn, Pa., where the principals are working to rebuild the company's systems and processes. PFS is also engaged in daily communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and the media to keep everyone abreast of all new developments.

PFS has acquired a temporary warehouse space in Marcus Hook, Pa. The timing of the new warehouse space, complete with a loading dock, racks and plenty of room for inventory, wouldn't have been possible if not for the generosity of local small business owner, Luke Mulholland of Priority Rental in Aston, Pa. When Mulholland saw the news about the fire on television and heard that the company was running its disaster recovery effort from a nearby office, he reached out to see if he could lend a hand. 

“We know how tough it is to run a small business and we could not imagine how difficult it would be after a fire,” said Mulholland. "I figured we have a big facility here, maybe we could help out with the space."

Mulholland offered PFS 3,000-square feet of space in his warehouse. 

"That call from Luke changed everything," said Mike Galvin, owner and founder of PFS. "We would not be up and running again so quickly if not for his generosity."

According to Glavin, the company has received an outpouring of support from those in the hardwood flooring industry. Calls, messages, tweets, posts and emails have come from customers, suppliers, friends and competitors across the country.

"We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has expressed their sympathy and sent us words of encouragement. A tragedy like this really brings out the best in people. It’s great to know that we’ve got a wonderful network of people cheering us on," added Galvin.

Although Philly Floor has temporary warehouse space, counter service will be suspended until it secures a permanent location. Online ordering is also suspended at this time. For phone sales and custom orders, customers can call (800) 737-1786.

Mail is being forwarded to the company's temporary headquarters, so all correspondence can be sent to the old address: Philadelphia Floor Store, 1050 Colwell Lane, Building 3, Conshohocken, Pa. 19428

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