A Certified Floorcovering Installers (CFI)-Congoleum installation training event was held recently at Carpetland USA in Davenport, Iowa.

“At All Tile, we understand how important installers are to the existing and future business in floor covering," said Mike Griffin of All Tile. "With all of the new installation technologies that are flooding our markets daily, we need to do what we can to assure that the skilled labor force is educated and masters of their craft. I hope that this event leads to other CFI certification seminars in all of All Tile's 14 state footprint. It's a "Win-Win" situation for all involved.”

Sponsored by various flooring industry associations and companies, the training event focused on flooring installation and customer service.

“You have to be more than a flooring installer; you must know how to present yourself and your services and pay attention to detail," said Tom Jennings, vice president of the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA). “Good manners and things like calling ahead to let the customer know what time you will arrive; makes your day and theirs more enjoyable.”

Focusing on Congoleum resilient flooring, the course highlighted moisture-testing requirements and the important role this plays in resilient flooring installation.

“We covered safety, the types of substrate and subfloor, grade levels, concrete flatness and patching compounds," said Joe Cea, installation specialist for Congoleum and CFI senior certifier. "Also included was the general rules of removing the existing flooring, using trammel points, figuring the pattern match, repairs and the installation of various types of resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and groutable LVT.”

For more information, visit cfiinstallers.com.