bostik plane
Bostik's new company-branded Boeing 737-800 will fly four times per day to 47 destinations across 20 countries.

Bostik has debuted a company-branded Boeing 737-800 that will fly four times per day to 47 destinations across 20 countries, according to the company.

“Bostik high-performance adhesives are being successfully used worldwide for a diverse variety of applications dependent upon products people use each day," said Michael Jenkins, business director for Bostik’s consumer and construction business unit—Americas. "We believe it’s important that consumers in the Americas know of the global acceptance our products enjoy. Globalizing the distinct image of our brand is a good ‘step one’ in getting everyday people to become even more familiar with the Bostik name and range of solutions our company provides."

According to Jenkins, Bostik is the first company to sign a contract with a European airline, Transavia, which is a subsidiary of Air France-KLM, to re-brand a Boeing 737-800. This project incorporates the aircraft’s exterior brandishing Bostik’s new brand identity, introduced last year. It includes a prominent image of the Bostik omnipresent gecko on its tail fin.


"This is an out-of-the-box program, which really shows the entire world how Bostik is aggressively on the move, beginning to build its brand," said Scott Banda, director of marketing for Bostik's consumer and construction business unit—Americas. "Today, our products are on the shelves of roughly 2,000 retail locations across the Americas."

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