EasyHeat has introduced a floor warming cable specifically designed for uncoupling membrane systems.

According to the company, the WarmTiles DMC cables can be laid directly from a spool to the membrane in virtually any configuration allowing for a custom installation using product that comes directly from the distributor's shelf.

Available in 120VAC and 240VAC, the cable's thicker diameter is tailored to perfectly snap-in for a secure and reliable fit, according to the company. It is ideal for virtually any flooring project deploying uncoupling membrane systems, whether it is new construction or renovation.

"EasyHeat WarmTiles DMC cables help contractors achieve faster, more profitable flooring jobs with maximum customer satisfaction," said a company representative. "WarmTiles DMC cables do not require a self-leveling or scratch coat. Contractors can install the cables with total confidence to gently warm a wide variety of flooring materials such as marble, ceramic, glass and porcelain tile, slate, granite and poured or dimensional stone, as well as laminate and engineered hardwood products."

For more information, visit easyheat.com.