Gresser Cos., a full-service concrete and masonry contractor, signed a license agreement with Rabine Group/Primekss of Chicago to provide PrimeComposite, a jointless, steel fiber-reinforced, composite flooring system.

"Concrete is the world's most ubiquitous building and flooring material," said Janis Oslejs, CEO of Primekss. "PrimeComposite is a better-quality floor that reduces building and usage costs. Gresser, together with Primekss Rabine, is building the most durable, leanest, jointless and environmentally friendly floors the world has ever known. PrimeComposite takes concrete to a new quality and environmental level." 

According to the company, each PrimeComposite floor is specifically engineered to exceed load requirements of the specific floor by Gresser's experienced engineering team. The PrimeComposite floor is virtually maintenance free and has a significantly longer life cycle than conventional concrete slab floors. The no-curl, no-control joint properties reduce equipment maintenance costs, increase material handling productivity and allow storage racks to be placed and moved wherever needed—creating complete design flexibility compared with traditional concrete.

"Conforming to International Building Code, PrimeComposite jointless floors are a different way to approach slabs on ground. Comparable to solutions that have been around for over 20 years, this is a more modern construction," said Kevin MacDonald, principal engineer at Benton Consulting Engineers. "Conceptually similar to carbon fiber, the steel fibers and expanding construction spread out the load over a large area. A thinner slab of PrimeComposite flooring is stronger than traditional concrete slabs and requires no joints. While some cracking may occur, the steel fibers prevent sheering."

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