Organizers for Total Solutions Plus, taking place Oct. 24 through 27 in Savannah, Ga., have announced the event’s keynote speakers and their presentation topics, which include the following:

Eric Chester—Reviving Work Ethic: Helping Leaders End Entitlement and Restore Pride in the Emerging Workforce.

Chester, a trusted source in the global dialogue on employee engagement, workplace culture, and the emerging generation, will illustrate why the work ethic in America has declined, and will provide solid, actionable ideas and tools for developing the young worker and restoring the pride of a job well done, instilling within them the work ethic they should have received at home and in school—but didn't.

Ross Shafer—Leaders Who Promote an Attitude of Accountability Grow "Necessary Teams."

Shafer, a six-time Emmy Award winning comedian and writer, will discuss how leaders need to teach their teams how to 'Win With What You Have' to prevent backbiting and complacency from setting in.

Peter Zeihan—U.S. Economy: Powers of Yesterday, Powers of Tomorrow.

Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist who has lived in the world of international affairs throughout his career, will help attendees see their businesses and industries from a new point of view, so that they can prepare for a more understandable future.

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