Measure Tape's new eTape16 features a large, easy-to-read digital readout that is accurate to 1/16" or 1 millimeter, according to the company. A simple push of a button allows one to read the measurement easily in inches, feet, fractions and decimals, as well as converting it to metric.

Another feature of eTape16 is inside/outside measurement, which allows the tape to switch between outside measurement of the blade length alone and inside measurement, which automatically adds the 3" width of the tape measure case to the readout.

eTape16 has three built-in memories which retains a measurement even after the blade has withdrawn into the case, and two long-term memories that will retain readings even after the tape shuts off, and until the readings are overwritten. The re-zero function lets users measure the distance from a previously measured point without withdrawing the blade.

According to the company, the tape is built to last, with a tough polycarbonate case and rubber bumper to protect the readout.

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