Custom Building Products new Commercial Installation Systems Guide is an inspirational resource for architects, specifiers, designers and contractors.

According to the company, the guide provides guidance on how to confidently select the right system of surface preparation, setting, grouting and care products for tile projects across a variety of applications including healthcare, hospitality, commercial kitchens, retail, transportation, entertainment, commercial, intuitional, government and public works.

“Design professionals often approach us with questions about the type of installation system that would be best for their project, so we developed this resource to help not only designers but architects, specifiers or tile contractors identify the products that might be the most appropriate for their project,” said Dave DeBear, national manager, commercial business development for Custom. “The guide helps design professionals navigate through the product selection process by highlighting examples of real projects and related challenges. Using these insights, they can more effectively choose products that deliver high-quality results on time and in budget based on the unique conditions of their project.”

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