From Sept. 9 through 11, executives from Tarkett and Desso (part of Tarkett) will participate in debates at the World Economic Forum’s New Champions Summit in China on how the circular economy and business innovation can unleash new and sustainable economic growth for the long-term. 
The World Economic Forum is the international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation. At its summit in China, entitled ‘Charting a New Course for Growth,’ leaders from industry, academia and government will explore new paths to prosperity based on innovation, collaboration and partnership.
Desso and Tarkett are supporters of the circular economy—the regenerative, sustainable model in which goods are designed to be recycled, reused or remanufactured in a closed loop system. Together, the companies are harnessing their combined experience and commitment to building a truly sustainable economic model that delivers innovation and added value to customers.
According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the management consultants, McKinsey & Co., industry could save as much as a trillion dollars a year by 2025 through cost savings on materials as a result of going circular.
Desso is a steering group member of Project MainStream, a multi-industry and CEO-led global initiative to accelerate business-driven innovation and help scale up the circular economy. The initiative is organized by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
During the summit, Tarkett and Desso will be taking part in two circular economy related sessions: a private session on Wed., Sept. 9 on ‘Tackling a Sea of Plastic,’ and a public session Fri., Sept. 11 focused on ‘Mapping Solutions: Environment and Resource Security.’  
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