Three new flooring contractors—American Floor Covering of Avon, Ind., Tri-State Flooring, Pittsburgh and Weiffenbach Marble & Tile Co., Clayton, Ohio—have now achieved the status of International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL) Warranty Contractor (IWC).

Additionally, INSTALL has named flooring accessory company Lonseal Flooring as an Alliance Partner in its mission to improve installation training and certification standards across the floorcovering industry. INSTALL focuses on bringing together the major flooring mills, manufacturers, consultants, associations, contractors and installers to work towards elevating installation standards.

Lonseal joins the more than 120 other mills and manufacturers who have endorsed the INSTALL training and certification program. Lonseal is a leader in the resilient vinyl flooring category and in technological, visual and textured innovations, including infusing products with pliable properties not usually associated with vinyl.

Currently, there are more than 500 companies associated with the INSTALL program by virtue of having INSTALL certified installers among their labor force. Of those, 32 companies have completed the rigorous curriculum required in order to be awarded the title of IWC. These requirements include: 100% of labor force is INSTALL certified, good financial standing, commitment to a stated level of quality and fair labor practices and a resume proving excellence in performance.

Once a contractor has been named an IWC, it has the ability to carry the INSTALL Warranty on Labor. The recently expanded Warranty Program allows all IWCs to provide an additional, extended, free, non-proprietary and third-party installation warranty of $25,000 and two years, according to the association. These new terms are five times the original warranty coverage and two times the original term.

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