Festool USA has just introduced its new 5 and 6-inch brushless ETS EC sanders which feature a compact, ergonomic, low profile and low vibration design.

Built for prolonged use and extended service longevity, according to the company, the new ETS EC sanders achieve performance standards of air sanders without the expense or bulk of an air system. Festool’s ETS EC sander line is available in three different models: the 5-inch ETS EC 125/3, which has a fine 3mm sanding stroke, the 6-inch ETS EC 150/3 and the 6-inch ETS EC 150/5, with sanding strokes of 3mm and a broader 5mm.

“These sanders can run all day and through multiple shifts,” said Steve Rangoussis, chief sales and marketing officer, Festool. “They’re equipped with the EC-TECBrushless Motor, a proprietary motor designed and built by Festool, that provides more power to the pad and there won’t be any down time for brush replacement.”

According to the company, ETS EC sanders are equipped with the following innovative features:

EC-TEC Brushless Motor: delivers a constant and powerful stream of performance.

Compact, low profile design with an ergonomic grip: greater flexibility in all sanding tasks with less user fatigue.

Active electronic vibration control system: prevents vibrations before they occur.

Carbide-tipped pad brake and electronic control: smooth start-ups which prevent surface marring and near-immediate pad braking.

For more information, visit festoolusa.com.