Flint Floor’s R+D department has developed a technical improvement in the clipping of its flooring and wallcovering laminates, which improves their installation and resistance to traction.
Thus, it is possible to increase the resistance to tensile force of the panels’ junction by 30% and to reduce considerably the time of installation.
Flint Floor laminates uses a mechanical manual clipping system with Unilin L2C technology that has always been valued by professionals for its quick and intuitive installation and also for its great strength and durability, said the company.
According to the company, Flint Floor develops and manufactures high quality laminates, especially targeting the sectors that require very high performance flooring: water resistance, wear, impact and fire. Its products are primarily aimed at the hospitality industry, retailers, gyms, spas, home, commercial and health centers, offices, education, conference rooms, clubs and even rail and sea transport.
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