CS Unitec’s Trelawny Long-Reach Scrapers feature one tool with multiple applications—chipper, scraper and descaler. Standard scrapers are available in 2', 4' and 5' lengths to efficiently remove residue, corrosion, adhesives, floor tiles, plaster, mortar and more.

CS Unitec’s offers a series of “lite” models up to 6' long that weigh less than 8.5 lbs., making them ideal for overhead use. All long-reach scrapers can be converted to needle scalers by changing the scraper/chisel with a needle attachment (P/N 415.3532). These air-powered long-reach scrapers consume only 4.5 CFM of air at 90 PSI and are safer for use in hazardous areas where pneumatic power is the norm.

Accessories include chisel blades in 1" 2" and 4" widths. Spark-resistant aluminum bronze blades are available for use in potentially hazardous environments.

For more information, visit www.csunitec.com.