Philadelphia Floor Store (PFS) has secured a new a warehouse located at 555 E. Church Rd., King of Prussia, Pa.

The 45,000 square-foot facility, situated on 3.63 acres, will serve as the company’s North American headquarters. PFS had temporarily relocated operations to Delaware County, Pa., following a fire in May that destroyed its offices and warehouse. 

The new facility is approximately two miles from PFS' previous location in Conshohocken, Pa, and is double in size.

“We were incredibly fortunate to find such a great space so close to our previous location,” said Mike Glavin, founder of PFS. “We had hoped to limit the impact the relocation would have on our contractors, suppliers and employees. The building is ideal in terms of access to local highways and proximity to our customer base.”

In addition to the location, the size of the building was also a determining factor. PFS' plans to expand the size and scope of their business in the next several years and was looking for a space that could accommodate growth.

“This really is the perfect building for us. The additional space will allow us to enhance operational efficiencies, increase production capabilities and grow the business in accordance with our long-term goals and objectives,” said Glavin.

In addition to the pro shop, repair center and showroom—staples at the previous location—the King of Prussia site will offer several new features that are currently in development, according to Glavin. PFS plans to move to their new location early next year. The company’s phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

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