Bullet Tools has unveiled its new 10” CenterFire Foam Blade. Sized for 10” table saws and 7-1/4” hand held saws, CenterFire circular blades produce a high-quality cut on EPS, XPS and Poly-ISO foam while also eliminating over 95% of static foam dust, according to the company.
CenterFire circular blades have a patent-pending design which slices foam rather than sawing or melting. Improved for 2015, these blades are now even more effective with a high-tech ceramic coating. This coating, developed for advanced firearms and performance engines, reduces the force needed to push the blade through foam and practically eliminates foam residue and dust on the job.
Additionally, the 10” CenterFire Foam Blade was the winner of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards for both 2014 as well as 2015.
For more information, visit bullettools.com.