The Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) has entered into an agreement with Sz15 Logistics to be a preferred provider for freight transportation management services.

As a preferred provider, Sz15 will serve as FCICA’s transportation manager for a period of three calendar years. Furthermore, FCICA will recommend Sz15 as the preferred freight transportation management services solution for multi-modal, domestic and international freight.

According to FCICA, the agreement with Sz15 will provide FCICA members with the following benefits:

•Comprehensive transportation services that include multi-modal rate negotiations, carrier management, freight bill auditing and payment and freight claims support for all members of FCICA who have contracted with Sz15 to gain access to these services.

•Offer the Sz15 online rating and shipment entry tool to the members of FCICA as needed and/or required by each client.

•Provide customer support to resolve any issues or problems occurring during the management of shipments tendered by Sz15.

•Sz15 will provide the on-site convention services to all exhibitors for the Commercial Flooring Tradeshow.

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