Bosch's new PL1632 and PL2632 planers combine advanced trigger-switch safety features with a planer guidance system.

The planers’ trigger-switch includes a combination of  a lock-off-release button with a lock-on button to both help prevent accidental start-up and to reduce hand fatigue during extended operation. This system enhances both user protection and productivity, according to the company.

Both models include a Bosch-exclusive dual-mount fence that provides no-flex guidance, which is particularly beneficial when planing the bottom edge of a door lying on sawhorses, as it provides a sturdy means to support the tool so that the user can focus on the proper sideways planing action. A plastic overshoe preserves the quality of the surface of the work piece, such as eliminating the all-too-familiar metal marks left when a steel fence is dragged along the face of a white door.

A powerful motor drives the system and allows these tools to achieve a 6.5 amp rating and a cutting speed of 16,500 rpm, according to the company. Drive-belt performance and durability is achieved by using a poly micro-V drive belt design.

“The hand-held power planer is typically used for trimming a workpiece for installation or joinery,” said Jim Stevens, product manager, fine woodworking, Robert Bosch Tool Corp. “To ensure the precision fit of a door, window or another object you’re working on, it’s important to use the best tool available.”

Other features include a ball joint swivel that improves positioning and ease of use by keeping the cord out of the way. For clarity, the inch and metric depth scales are separated. The tool's handle is angled and optimized for forward motion and includes soft grip for added comfort. And when the tool is set down, a built-in automatic spring-loaded stand elevates the tool to protect both the blades and the resting surface from damage. A large shavings bag is included, and on the PL2632, dust ports are located on either side of the tool to accommodate different work scenarios.

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