Derek Olson has been promoted to president of National Flooring Equipment.

Olson has been with the company since 2009 and succeeds Marty Anderson. He brings an extensive business background to the table with experience in sales, account management, public relations, advertising and brand development.

Prior to working at National, he held positions in aerospace, operations, consulting, legislative research and drafting.

National has also opened a new training center in Bloomfield, Colo. The facility anticipates more than 30 training programs will be held in 2016 with added growth throughout the year. The training programs will provide hands-on usage of machinery, with opportunities to actually destroy flooring. Technicians will gain experience with various floor removal techniques from grinding and shot blasting to scarifying and polishing. The program also features components on customer service, floor removal systems and job site accounting such as how to calculate the highest return-on-investment.

Technicians can also tap into National’s online training resources through their website and online programs to address specific issues and machinery-specific details. The new Colorado location expands the opportunity for training direct from the equipment manufacturer.

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