Specified Surfaces, in collaboration with MAPEI, has launched Planiseal ESP—a water-based, single component coating that reduces surface preparation requirements and the associated costs to bring high moisture and pH slabs into compliance for floor covering installation, according to the companies.

"With the introduction of MAPEI Planiseal ESP we are eliminating the need for shot blasting and other time and cost consuming mechanical surface profiling processes associated with ASTM F3010-13 products and requirements," said James Longo, national account manager, Specified Surfaces. "ESP will handle most typical moisture-related project challenges, offering the floor covering installer a value engineered means to specification compliance with the ability to deliver clients a warrantable installation."

According to Longo, Planiseal ESP will be distributed exclusively by Specified Surfaces. "Traditionally, moisture mitigation has been an all or nothing process that includes shot blasting, epoxies and cementitious materials at an installed cost of three or four times that of employing Planiseal ESP," he said. "While the 3010-13 products definitely have their place, Planiseal ESP will offer significant cost savings by allowing direct application of standard water-based glues without the use of primers, patches, skims or levelers over the moisture control coating, giving floor covering installers greater control of costs, schedule and application."

For more information, visit specifiedsurfaces.com and mapei.com.