Advanced Adhesive Technologies has added another performance enhancement to its Go2 Adhesive series.

The reengineered AAT-295 Ultra Premium Carpet Adhesive offers a much faster drying adhesive resulting in significant time savings, according to the company. Perhaps, the most important feature of the enhanced formula for you is the 295’s ability to be used over slabs with an in situ RH of 95%.

According to the company, AAT-295 reduces the amount of open or dwell time required when direct gluing high performance carpets, thereby increasing the installer’s daily production capabilities without compromising the integrity of the installation. This high solids, low odor, solvent-free and installer friendly adhesive can be used with virtually all broadloom carpets and is especially recommended for high performance carpet backings.

AAT-295 is protected by the CleanGuard two-stage antimicrobial, a specifically formulated broad-spectrum, anti-microbial agent that protects our adhesives and sealers from microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, in both the wet and dry state. 

AAT’s Go2 Adhesive formulas have been formulated to ensure superior adhesive performance under the very demanding conditions commonly found in today’s fast paced construction. Consisting of 10 high performance adhesives, the Go2 series raises the bar for adhesive performance for a broad set of applications, according to the company.

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