H.B. Fuller Construction Products announces its newest moisture vapor barrier: Tec LiquiDam EZ. The one-part, liquid-based moisture vapor barrier provides high-quality moisture mitigation, protecting flooring systems from damage caused by severe moisture and alkalinity.

Tec LiquiDam EZ can be hand-stirred and then directly applied onto green concrete up to 100% RH, according to the company. The fast-drying formula is designed to allow same-day flooring installation.

With similar benefits to the original Tec LiquiDam, shot-blasting may not be required when LiquiDam EZ is applied to clean, sound concrete—including burnished concrete. Additionally, LiquiDam EZ doesn’t require priming before Tec surface preparation products are applied, the company said.

LiquiDam EZ meets the ASTM E96 standard.

For more information, visit tecspecialty.com.