The Ardex Concrete Management Systems (ACMS) has earned patent protection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, granting Ardex exclusive rights to its new technology.

According to the company, ACMS represents breakthrough innovation that proactively addresses concrete construction issues through a specified finishing method for new concrete. Using an early phase approach at the beginning of the construction cycle, ACMS will produce a flat and level floor capable of meeting the tolerances for flooring and other interior trades. The result is the elimination of unplanned leveling. 

Using ACMS, the contractor will only place, consolidate, strike off and bull-float/re-straighten the surface and allow the bleed-water to dissipate. Following a wet-cover or chemical membrane cure (three to seven minutes) and surface brush blast, the system can be installed using Ardex MCMoisture Control Systems to allow almost immediate installation of underlayment and finished flooring while mitigating any future risks resulting from moisture emissions from the slab, according to the company.

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