H.B. Fuller Construction Products has unveiled the latest innovation in moisture mitigation with the introduction of a new moisture vapor barrier: TEC LiquiDam EZ. 
As previously reported, a sneak peek of the product was unveiled last fall at the Starnet meeting in Boston.
According to the company, the product, which is available for distribution throughout U.S. and Canada, is the first of its kind, building upon the company’s current moisture mitigation flagship product, TEC LiquiDam.
This new moisture mitigation system from H.B. Fuller was developed with the contractor and their time-constraints in mind. When time is tight and moisture mitigation is critical, any delay can have significant effects on the overall project schedule. TEC LiquiDam EZ can help save steps in application with its one-part, liquid-based moisture vapor barrier formula. This new “EZ” product holds up in demanding moisture situations and allows for shorter installation time.
“H.B. Fuller Construction Products moisture vapor barriers provide a solution by eliminating time-consuming steps in the installation process, while still providing the best possible protection against even the most severe moisture issues,” says Tom Sheridan, vice president of PCI FlorTech, a Starnet and Warranty Install contractor.
LiquiDam EZ offers these efficient and timely benefits while continuing to provide high quality moisture mitigation, said the company. It protects flooring systems from damage caused by severe moisture and alkalinity, and can be hand stirred and then directly applied onto green concrete up to 100% RH. The single-component formula dries in a quick four to five hours, allowing for same day flooring installation.
With similar efficiencies to the original hard-working LiquiDam, shot blasting may not be required when LiquiDam EZ is applied to clean, sound concrete, including burnished concrete. Additionally, LiquiDam EZ doesn’t require priming before TEC surface preparation products are applied, which eliminates application steps.
Ideal for use with other TEC surface prep and adhesive products, LiquiDam EZ is available in 5-gallon plastic pails, and can be resealed so product doesn’t go to waste. The one-part formula meets the ASTM E96 standard and has less than 0.10 permeability rating for moisture vapor barriers. Its low VOC contributes to LEED project points.
For more information, visit tecspecialty.com.