David T. Meberg, president and CEO of Consolidated Carpet, was recently elected to The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors of the Building Trades Employers Association of New York (BTEA).
Meberg has served on the Board of Governors for the past six years. He also sits on The Sub-Contractor Roundtable for the Association.
The BTEA’s membership is comprised of more than 25 Trade Associations who represent 1,700 construction managers, general contractors and specialty subcontracting firms who employ over 120,000 skilled construction tradespeople in the New York City metropolitan market place. The Association advocates for the construction industry in both the public and private sectors through legislative initiatives, health and safety training and both public and labor relations.
“The BTEA is the focal point for improving the working conditions and environment for both contractors and their employees in this complicated market place called New York. I am proud to be elected to this post during what is a critical time for our industry,” Meberg said. 
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