Tec's new WoodPerfect combines initial grab, trowelability, moisture control and sound reduction capabilities, according to the company.
With superior wet suction for easy repositioning, this lightweight wood flooring adhesive has no length or width limitations—making it ideal for the growing trend of luxury residential and commercial installations that feature large wood plank sizes.
WoodPerfect controls moisture up to 15 pounds, and can be applied to damp concrete up to 95% RH when using the Tec Moisture/Sound Inhibitor Trowel, according to the company. The formula offers troweling performance with less fatigue from handling, and there is no need for a separate moisture vapor barrier.
With sound-reduction capabilities that contribute to Delta IIC 22dB, WoodPerfect reduces sound transmission through concrete subfloors in excess of building code requirements. It provides a solution to multi-level residential and commercial sound specifications, according to the company.
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