The Starlock interface system, developed by Bosch and Fein, delivers three-dimensional fit for high torque transfer.

The Starlock development effort focused on creation of a high-performance, application-based multi-tool interface that’s easy to use, according to the companies. With Starlock, blade performance classification extends tool life by matching the appropriate accessories to the task at hand.

Blade grades for Bosch Starlock include Starlock and StarlockMax.

“A wide range of mounting systems for oscillating power tools is currently available on the market,” said Willi Fellmann, vice president, marketing, Bosch Switzerland. “Users also have to generally accept performance losses when an adapter is used. With this product (Starlock), Bosch and Fein have established a joint standard and maximize transfer of power.”

Starlock interface system offers maximum power transmission with a three-dimensional connection versus standard two dimension. Starlock features a no-touch quick change when used with a Bosch tool featuring the Snap-In System. Blade changes can be made in seconds and blade removal is easy with auto-ejection. Starlock blades are backward compatible with OIS systems and OIS-compatible tools.

The Starlock blade range includes 30 blades; StarlockMax will offer 10 blades at the time of launch.

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