J+J Flooring Group's new PreFix is a quick installation option available with any Kinetex textile composite flooring product as a pre-applied releasable adhesive fully integrated with the Kinetex backing. The system allows for a highly breathable tile while increasing adhesive performance, according to the company.
PreFix features a recyclable release liner with extended edges that enable installers to easily peel back the liner. Once the liner is removed, a series of pre-applied, pressure-sensitive adhesive strips securely anchor the Kinetex module in place. PreFix primer is required to ensure a dust-free substrate surface. However, no application of adhesive to the subfloor is necessary, according to the company.
PreFix is nonflammable and both alkali and water-resistant. Odor-free and containing no VOCs, it is CRI Green Label Plus Certified and is ideal for use in schools, healthcare facilities and public buildings.
For more information, visit jj-kinetex.com/prefix.