Schluter-Systems now offers a touchscreen thermostat for its Ditra-Heat electric floor warming system, as well as a new non-programmable thermostat and a power module.

The new Ditra-Heat-E-RT touchscreen thermostat features an intuitive 3.5” interactive color display that makes programming the floor warming system fast and simple, according to the company. In addition to showing all relevant information about the current functions of the heating system, the display is also used to input programming information and make information requests with the touch of a fingertip.
Programming is also simplified with the thermostat’s set-up wizard, which guides the user through the process. 
A touch-driven energy consumption log can quickly display energy used by the system for three different time periods: hourly for the past 24 hours, daily for the past seven days, or monthly for the past 12 months. Homeowners can use this data to optimize the settings so the floor warming system provides the comfort they want for the least energy use.
The new power module may be used in large floor applications where the heating load exceeds 15 Amps. As many as 16 power modules can be connected in series via a low voltage signal wire to either the programmable or nonprogrammable thermostat to maintain a single point of control.

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