The Fidbox is an electronic data logger that, once installed directly into the back of a plank, will measure the relative humidity and temperature both above and below the device. The product can be used in both solid and engineered planks, and over all types of subfloors including radiant heat, the company said.

To install the Fidbox, an installer or contractor will need to use a router to create a space in the back of the hardwood plank. Then the product can be attached with its double-sided tape in both floating and fully adhered installations, as long as the sensor area is not covered with adhesive. The product works best in high-traffic areas where the Fidbox will not be covered by furniture or an area rug. Additionally, when installing over radiant heating, the Fidbox should be installed “in every heat zone of the radiant heat subfloor,” the company noted.

Once installed, the end-user simply needs to download an app designed for either an iOS or Android device. Using Bluetooth technology, the app will log RH and temperature readings while also alerting the owner when readers are outside manufacturer recommendations. The company added that the Fidbox will collect data three times a day for six years.

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