The Loxcreen Flooring Group has launched its new uncoupling membrane, Prova Flex-Heat, which the company says boasts the ultimate versatility in tile underlayment while also accommodating multiple sizes of heating cables up to 5mm thick. The unique deep locking channel design allows for the thicker cables to lay flush in the membrane while minimizing the overall thickness of the tile assembly.
The added thickness of the membrane means it can also be used to raise overall tile floor height to match higher floors like hardwood and achieve a level transition between the two surfaces with or without heating cables. Prova Flex-Heat studs are spaced at 1” each and when embedding cables every three studs provides the ideal 3” spacing for heating cables, according to the company. 
One-ply non-woven fleece provides a control layer between the tile and the substrate to neutralize stress caused by lateral movement in the substrate. The design also offers superior point load distribution and is resistant to compression when being worked on. Prova Flex-Heat also has open channels on the underside of the membrane that allows moisture to dissipate.
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