Angie’s List recently launched LeadFeed, a new service aimed at converting visitors who do not have an account with the website into new leads for service providers. We spoke with Scott Durchslag, Angie’s List president and CEO, about the new offering.

First, how did LeadFeed come about?

Durchslag: LeadFeed came into being when I first came to Angie’s List and looked at our analytics information. Each year we have more than 100 million unique visitors, but 85 percent of them are not members. So they were coming to the site then leaving, and we weren’t doing anything with them.

The thought behind LeadFeed was a very simple one. Why not ask these non-members what it is they were looking for and how urgently they needed it? By answering those questions, they become a new source of leads for our service providers.

Can you tell us a little more about what visitors to the site would be filling out?

Durchslag: In its essence, we ask the person to select what category of work they want to get done. We have them tell us a little more about the job and get some indication of its urgency. We then pass that information on to our qualified service providers, and that person’s mobile phone will be ringing pretty quickly.

In a release announcing the new program, your company stated that LeadFeed will initially be offered in “approximately 25 categories.” Is flooring one of those categories?

Durchslag: Yes, it is. I’m excited about this category particularly. It’s one of those areas where, when you have the need, you want to make sure the person who is going to come into your home understands the right products and the right look. Flooring is not a “quick fix,” but requires experts who can react quickly. So I think the LeadFeed program lends itself particularly well to this category.

If visitors to your site can be routed to providers through this program, what is their incentive to become members?

Durchslag: There are a lot of benefits to membership. Members can see all of the reviews posted. They’ll be covered by the Fair Price Guarantee and Service Quality Guarantee. We also find that once visitors to the site have a positive experience with one of our service providers, they usually become members.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Durchslag: The LeadFeed program is us looking at different ways to make our service available to non-members because we get so many of them, while also being a big benefit to our service providers. Service providers will pay per lead, along with a platform fee of $499 per year, or $49.99 a month for those who want to get that experience at a lower initial cost. A background check is also required.

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