Ardex will host two panel discussions on a patented installation system for concrete slabs that provides a flat and level floor to the satisfaction of all trade practices on Wednesday, March 23 in Dallas.

The discussions will be presented by Peter Craig and Eldon Tipping. Craig is highly knowledgeable in concrete moisture and slab issues and Tipping has expertise in concrete tolerances for both on grade and elevated slabs. Mike Tracy, Ardex business development manager, will chair the events.

Ardex Concrete Management Systems (ACMS) resolve the conflict between concrete and flooring, according to the company.

“Fast track construction, modifications to finished flooring structures and adhesives, changes to mix designs that have created uncertainty or extended dry times, and inherent engineering challenges associated with deflection on elevated slabs are additional issues that have driven our development of ACMS,” said Tracy. “These challenges are especially prevalent in health care and education projects in which moisture sensitive flooring is specified and concrete tolerances are tight. ACMS addresses all of these issues on the front end.”

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