Schönox is introducing a new self-leveling compound that can be used as a top-level wear layer, as well as a new, moisture-resistant acrylic adhesive for resilient flooring.  
Schönox DSP is a wear-rated, cement-based, self-leveling compound for use as a concrete topping with a wide range of uses including retail, restaurants, public buildings, entryways, offices, warehouses and even manufacturing areas with moderate industrial loads.  With a compressive strength of 7250 psi, Schönox DSP provides an extremely dense and durable surface that can be stained, sealed or polished in interior and exterior areas.
HPS 92 is a new acrylic adhesive for resilient flooring including vinyl composition, vinyl enhanced, solid vinyl and LVT tiles and planks. It is moisture-resistant with subfloors not exceeding 92% RH. The adhesive has a host of benefits including high strength, low odor, VOC compliance, high coverage and the ability to be used over porous and non-porous substrates.
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