MAPEI recently introduced three highly engineered self-leveling underlayments (SLUs): Ultraplan LSC, Ultraplan Lite and Ultraplan QuickTraffic.

“MAPEI never stops listening to its customers, and these three new SLUs have been developed specifically to meet contractors’ requirements,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for MAPEI’s floor covering installation systems. “We feel that Ultraplan LSC, Ultraplan Lite and Ultraplan QuickTraffic will enhance our surface prep product line and expand it in the right direction.”

Ultraplan LSC is a high-flow, fast-setting, self-leveling liquid skimcoat. Its unique flow properties allow it to spread easily and quickly, potentially eliminating the need for hand-applied skimcoats, according to the company. This product cures to a hard and flat surface that typically requires no further touchup or repair and accelerating floor-covering installation.

Ultraplan Lite, a lightweight SLU, has been specifically designed for use in leveling substrates that are not rated to carry the full weight of a traditional SLU. Ultraplan Lite mixes easily and flows out to a suitable finish.

Ultraplan QuickTraffic is a fast-setting SLU that decreases time from surface prep to floor covering installation. Easily mixed and poured, Ultraplan QuickTraffic is ready for all types of floor-covering installations. The product has high compression strength, capable of withstanding heavy traffic and rolling loads.

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