Tec's new In-Floor Heat Panel System is a low density heating device, customizable on-site to fit any space, with no down time for special ordering, according to the company.

In-Floor Heat features no embedded heating wires that need to be patterned, and is 1/64-inches thin. The thin mat provides uniform warmth underneath tile and stone using infrared heat technology.

Professionals can purchase In-Floor Heat mat for their job specifications at a local distributor—along with 120 or 240 volt wire harnesses, a Tec Crimping Tool and Edge-Sealing Tape to install the mat. Installers can then use the crimping tool to fasten the wire harnesses to the mat. Then, they must apply a polymer modified mortar onto the prepared subfloor to install the heat sensor and heat mat. The heat mat features no coils or wires that need patterning—eliminating an installation step. Once the mortar has cured, tile or stone can be installed directly on top of the heat mat, according to the company. The floor temperature is controlled by a Tec's Touch-Screen Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat, which a licensed electrician must hook up and connect to the in-floor heating system.

For more information, visit tecspecialty.com.