Eugen Lägler will celebrate its 60th anniversary at the National Wood Flooring Association's (NWFA) Wood Flooring Expo, taking place April 27 through 30.

For nearly half of its history, Lägler has valued its participation in NWFA, and the two organizations’ mutual growth. Lägler exhibits annually in the tradeshow held during the expo.

Lägler will raffle off a carbon-fiber Trio sanding machine to benefit the NWFA Education & Research Foundation (NERF) at the expo, and the company is making a second carbon-fiber Trio available to NWFA for display and further fundraising throughout the year at NWFA's headquarters.

“The NWFA and NERF are essential to this industry’s overall education,” said Jeff Fairbanks, president of Palo Duro Hardwoods, and its division, Lägler North America. Fairbanks also is the chairman of NWFA. “It’s a clear choice for us to support the training, scholarships and research the association fosters. They are key to the livelihood and continued growth of our industry.”

Typically recognized worldwide by its clear dust-containment cylinder and trademark yellow and green casing, the Trio produced to mark Lägler’s 60th anniversary will standout for its charcoal gray, textured, metallic carbon-fiber casing.

“Whoever wins these raffles truly will have an invaluable piece of equipment that will be the envy of their peers,” said Michael Martin, NWFA's president and CEO.

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