Jast Media has revamped the Powerhold flooring installation supply brand's website.

Jast sought to create a website for the brand that was unique, professional and functioned at an optimal level, according to the company.

"Our situation was compounded by several issues—one being that our members range in size and amount in revenue," said Jeff Brugman, executive director of the Floor Covering Distributor Alliance (FCDA) and Powerhold. For example, one distributor brings in only $1 million per year in revenue, while another has over 25 locations that bring in over $600 million each year. According to Brugman, Jast was able to accommodate the multi-locational company and come up with a website design that fit the brand perfectly.

"We are in an industry where the use of technology varies immensely within our channels," he said. “It was amazing how Jast was able to understand our wide range of needs and provide an understandable and impressive product for all of our members and their customers. From start to finish, the experience was customizable and just what Powerhold wanted and needed.”

For more information, visit powerhold.com.