Nail Gun Depot's updated website is now mobile-optimized. 

Users visiting the updated website can expect several improvements including mobile-friendly navigation for smartphone or tablet; expanded “Nail Gun Network” database with categorized articles and video content; cost-effective freight shipping options for high-volume orders; ability to sort products based on application specific criteria and enhanced user profiles with capacity to create personalized wish lists.

Visitors can also expect several new products and product categories on the site in coming months, as the company continues to expand its portfolio and branch into new segments of the building industry. Among other launch initiatives, a “Win Your Wish List” summer giveaway will encourage guests to learn more about new on-site features.

“Our customers remain the driving force for growth and development," said Phil Burkhart, CCO at Nail Gun Depot. "As technology improves and shopping trends change, we’re adapting our strategy to accommodate new demands and competition. The new Nail Gun Depot lends itself to be leader of the pack.”

Returning visitors might notice several similarities with the previous site, including Nail Gun Depot’s proprietary Fastener Finder search, as well as familiar page organization. The company will also continue to participate in its Google Trusted Stores program.

“The goal for this new website wasn’t to reinvent the wheel, it was simply to take what was working well for our guests—and make it even better,” said Mark Bordicks, Nail Gun Depot’s senior marketing and development manager.

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