ISSA and Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) have announced a five-year partnership that will promote the implementation of green cleaning in schools across the nation, including K-12 and universities.

The effort is designed to establish a professional network of facility staff to improve how schools are cleaned in order to better protect student health and the environment.

“Over the past decade, we have encouraged schools to make cleaning for health a priority,” said Rochelle Davis, HSC’s president and CEO. “Now we are focused on engaging directly with school facility directors. Our partnership with ISSA [will allow] us to expand the programming we can offer to school facility directors.”

According to Davis, the initiative will include:

The Green Clean Schools Leadership Institute, which will bring together top university and K-12 facility operators for a two-day training program focusing on management skills and developing green cleaning initiatives. The Leadership Institute will take place in Ellicott City, Md., July 28 and 29.

The Green Clean Schools Forum at ISSA/Interclean will engage attendees on pressing topics related to green cleaning and guide them through the ISSA/Interclean experience. It will include educational workshops, networking opportunities with sponsors and a guided tour of the show floor. The event will take place in Chicago Oct. 25 through 28.

“ISSA is excited about taking our long-standing relationship with HSC to the next level for the common goal of promoting cleaner and healthier schools and universities across the nation,” said John Barrett, ISSA's executive director. “It’s also an important step toward fulfilling our brand promise to change the way the world views cleaning.”

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