Staticworx has introduced precision-milled Ameriworx Rox as the next generation of solid vinyl flooring, according to the company.

Functionally, Ameriworx Rox is identical to Staticworx’s Ameriworx line, which boasts a gap-free installation in addition to its anti-static properties. The new line features splashes of color and multi-pigmented, conductive granules that resemble rocks to create a visually exciting vinyl tile.

“When we created Ameriworx, our main goal was to provide the highest quality electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring available, and utility trumped other considerations,” said Dave Long, president of Staticworx. “Now that we’ve perfected the product’s performance, we wanted to develop a more visual and dynamic version of our flooring. Ameriworx Rox meets requests from architects, designers, and facility managers in multiple environments, and it presents opportunities to blend utility with creativity.”

According to Long, Staticworx often looks to nature for design inspiration (a process known as biomimicry) and rocks represented a natural fit.

Ameriworx Rox can withstand 2,500 lbs. of pressure per square inch, according to ASTM F970. This converts to 1.25 tons per square inch, which Long says is ideal for supporting heavy traffic from forklifts..

Ameriworx Rox comes in seven colors, three sizes and includes a lifetime electrical performance warranty.

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