We recently spoke with Bas van Genderen, managing director of InstaFloor North America, to find out more about his company’s InstaLay product and how to install it.

Q: Tell me a little bit about InstaLay and why you think it’s unique.

A: InstaLay is a patented, extremely versatile flooring installation system that reduces subfloor preparation and eliminates the need for wet adhesives. InstaLay provides underfoot comfort and has excellent acoustic properties for good levels of sound absorption.

InstaLay benefits from being supported internally by recycled vulcanized rubber crumb granules. When compressed the rubber granules provide excellent cushioning performance, but when the pressure is released these granules immediately return to their original shape. In addition to being non-collapsing, they will not degrade over time and have excellent acoustic properties.

Q: You mentioned that InstaLay doesn’t require wet adhesives. I’m assuming that means the adhesive is part of the system?

A: InstaLay incorporates either a low- or high-grab self-adhesive membrane, and is rapidly loose laid over the subfloor or existing flooring. There are no delays or downtime and the floor can be walked on immediately after the floor covering is installed.

Q: What are the steps to install this product?

A: Simply sweep the subfloor. In most cases no screeds, smoothing compounds or subfloor preparation is required as InstaLay forgives minor subfloor imperfections.

InstaLay is normally loose laid over the subfloor or the existing flooring with the release film facing upwards. Joints should butt tightly to one another and floor coverings should not be laid in the same direction as the InstaLay rolls. As the release film is peeled back to reveal the adhesive membrane, the floor covering is simply placed on the InstaLay and pressed into position.

Q: What type of flooring products can you install over InstaLay?

A: LVTs; ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles; wood, laminates, parquet and bamboo; and carpet tiles and broadloom carpets.

Q: When should an installer or contractor choose InstaLay?

A: The reasons for using InstaLay with various flooring coverings are numerous, and many have already been mentioned. However, the most common are: InstaLay allows a loose lay method of installation; it can be installed over existing floor finishes; and it reduces subfloor prep and provides very high acoustic performance combined with an anti-fatigue solution.

Q: Will InstaLay work with a moisture mitigation system?

A: Yes, InstaLay can be loose laid over a moisture mitigation system and the floor covering can then be rapidly installed on the self-adhesive membrane. InstaLay is also moisture tolerant, reducing the risk of flooring failures due to moisture.

Q: How about radiant heating?

A: Yes, InstaLay is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: InstaLay is environmentally friendly—it is made from rubber crumb from recycled vehicle tires and is a true cradle-to-cradle product.

It has anti-fatigue properties for underfoot comfort that particularly appeal to the retail, hospitality, medical and education sectors. It is also hygienic, being naturally anti-microbial, anti-allergy, non-absorbent and resistant to decay with low VOCs Finally, InstaLay offers stability, performance and durability, and will not deteriorate or collapse over time.

For more information call (479) 715-6005, email sales@instafloorna.com or visit www.instafloorna.com.