Bostik unveiled the winning mosaic mural of its Design ‘N Gather contest at MGM Grand’s Las Vegas Wet Republic day club during HD Expo.

Bostik partnered with Artaic Innovative Mosaic for the contest.

“We wanted to get the most enthusiastic mosaic design people, both those who work professionally with these materials and also, those who are simply mosaic aficionados, to enter the competition,” stated Scott Banda, director of marketing and business development for Bostik. “So together with Artaic and our ad/public relations agency, Communicators International, we communicated at optimal levels internally before we launched our communications program externally. This strategy ultimately proved to work out very well.”

Contestants were asked to create designs to be produced using glass mosaic tiles, robotically assembled using Artaic’s patented Tessera robotics and Bostik’s state-of-the-art, translucent Dimension Rapidcure glass-filled grout.

“The only creative parameter was that the design had to embody the theme, “Essence of Las Vegas,” stated Ted Acworth, founder and CEO of Artaic. “We wanted contestants to let their imaginations run wild.”

Hundreds of talented designers submitted some of the most creative designs that could ever be conceived. These ultimately were presented to a handpicked panel of judges consisting of well-known architects, designers and tile industry professionals.

Nicole “Nikki” Kohri, was the winning designer.

Joyen Vakil, senior vice president of design and construction for MGM Resorts, said, “Ms. Kohri’s design creation fits in perfectly with the overall design theme of our Wet Republic. It’s visually engaging, fun and very innovative.”

Banda added, “As most people in the A&D community now know, together with Artaic, our main goal with the Design ‘N Gather competition is to bring back the ancient, time-tested art of mosaic mural design and celebrate the many talented design professionals that greatly contribute to the aesthetic world around us. But in doing so, if we can discover a bright, young talent such as Nicole Kohri, someone who has the potential to make a difference within the design sector moving forward, it is our honor, pleasure and commitment to do so.”

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