Wagner Meters has launched an online resource to help architects and engineers understand the latest science about moisture testing of concrete slabs.

The centerpiece of the online resource, AIAspec.com, is the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-approved online course, Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs.

The course is hosted by Howard Kanare, a nationally recognized expert who specializes in the interaction of concrete and floor covering systems. He covers the vital information that architects and others need to know when it comes to specifying moisture testing in concrete slabs.

Kanare was the senior principal scientist for over three decades at CTLGroup, the research laboratory owned by the Portland Cement Association. He is also the author of the definitive book on the subject, Concrete Floors and Moisture. Furthermore, he has a longstanding relationship with ASTM International, with extensive experience as chairman of both the F1869 and F2170 committees.

This comprehensive course covers a number of essential topics, incuding the key factors in how concrete flooring systems and moisture interact; the most widely used moisture testing approaches used in the U.S., as well as the strengths and shortcomings of each one and one test method that has been conclusively shown to be accurate and reliable and how to use it properly.

The online resource also offers a quiz to complement the webinar-style course so that participants can earn 1.0 LU of AIA continuing education credit.

For more information, visit AIAspec.com.