Creative Edge Master Shop has introduced its new line of trademarked luxury terrazzo techniques, the Terrazzo Tek System.

"The Terrazzo Tek System is the distillation of 25 years of experience working with contractors, artists and architects in the fabrication of terrazzo flooring," said Jim Belilove, president of Creative Edge.

The Terrazzo Tek trademarked banner defines Creative Edge's brand for a series of waterjet-based techniques for the terrazzo industry—a tool kit to enhance artistry, improve efficiency and expand options in terrazzo installations, both large and small, according to the company.

Terrazzo is an ancient decorative technique that dates back 2,000 years to the Roman Empire. Marble chips were mixed with cement to create stunning patterns, art and durable designs for palaces, villas and temples.

The Terrazzo Tek series includes the Jetformz, Transformz, Accuformz and Noformz techniques.

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