UFloor Systems has released its new Uzin Materials & Cost Job Calculator.

“This new calculator not only returns the needed units per job, but also allows the user to include the project name, their purchase cost, total s/f and will then return the cost per s/f and total cost by product,” said Kirk Francis, marketing director for UFloor. “We have also included a moisture mitigation system cost calculator that combines the cost of the three products included in this system and returns the square foot cost. It also has a print function so that the user can include a copy with their project file.”

The company says that more enhancements are on the way, including an email function that will allow users to email a copy directly to clients or to themselves if they are on a job site. Other future changes will include a drop down menu for leveling compound depths and an enhanced page layout look. They also stated that the calculator can be easily used from a tablet or smart phone by placing a link icon on each device's home screen.

The new calculator is available from both the homepage where it has its own tab as well as each products webpage.

For more information, visit uzin.us.