Gripper Edge, a manufacturer of carpet tack strip, has unveiled its patented self-stick method of installing carpet tack strip.

Previously, most carpet tack strips were either nailed or glued down using hot melt or solvent based adhesives. These methods can damage a subfloor such as pre-finished hardwood, which the homeowner may want to return to in the future. The solvent based adhesives require long wait times, in some cases up to 24-hours before completing the installation.

Gripper Edge's new self-stick installs four times faster than even the fastest glue gun and will not damage an existing floor, according to the company. There is no waiting, power required, or special tools needed to install self-stick tack strip.

“We literally cut our install time by several hours per room using the easy peel and stick method,” said Brian McKenna, inventor and veteran carpet installer.

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