Dependable has expanded its KeedeRoll product offering.

According to the company, the products will complement its existing line of floor preparation products. The rolled underlayment line is a natural extension for Dependable's line of floor products and helps realize the long-term vision of having a fully integrated floor system from one brand. 

The rolled underlayment line consists of sound deadening and crack isolation products as well as floor reinforcement. Three versions of the uncoupling mat are available. KeedeRoll 100 is a geometrically shaped roll with entangled net bonded to fabric, which provides a fast, durable and cost effective solution for tile installation. KeedeRoll 300 is designed for plywood substrates providing both reinforcement and water protection. Finally, KeedeRoll MT creates a system to protect tile and reduce unwanted noise at the same time. These products complement the current line of Dependable's patches and self-leveling products and can be installed as soon as the floor is ready for covering. 

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