Carpet Concepts LLC’s Carpet Badger carpet puller take-up machine was designed with the everyday installer in mind, according to the company. The carpet puller is designed to be portable and efficient, and offers low maintenance.

The Carpet Badger weighs 65 lbs. and measures 16” by 28”. According to the company, these dimensions “make it much easier to load it on a truck, wheel it through doorways and carry it up a flight of stairs.” Additionally, the product is engineered to pull up carpet quickly, at a minimum of 33 feet per minute.

The tool also uses ordinary tack strip for the gripping teeth on the pull plates and base plates. The company noted, “The low cost of tack strip eliminates ever having to buy expensive teeth or pins again. It also makes jobsite repairs possible, so you can keep working and not lose any time or money. That, along with the restrictor plate, ensures the carpet will hold and not just grab. Teeth are easy to replace with supplies you already have. Stainless steel teeth are also available for those without ready access to tack strip.”

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