Tec's WoodPerfect enabled contractors to quickly install a sound-reducing wood floor in a Wall Street skyscraper.

Flooring contractor Archetypal Imagery relied on WoodPerfect for the 58th floor of a 60-floor building to provide sound reduction for what will be the headquarters of a high-end trading company.

WoodPerfect offers a time-saving solution that combines performance and ease of use, according to the company. Its creamy formula trowels on simply with 60 to 90 minutes of open time for quick placement. Additionally, WoodPerfect has built-in, one-step moisture control and sound reduction that saved steps on this high-profile job.

With sound-reduction capabilities that contribute to Delta IIC 22dB, WoodPerfect reduces sound transmission through concrete subfloors in excess of building code requirements. It provides a solution for multi-level, mixed-use commercial spaces like the Wall Street skyscraper.

“The sound-reduction qualities of WoodPerfect saved me 40% on labor and soundproofing materials,” said Avedis Duvenjian, original co-founder of Archetypal Imagery Corp. in Bronx, N.Y.

The installer-friendly formula of WoodPerfect offers contractors an isocyanate-free and low-odor adhesive appropriate for busy commercial job sites. Its low-VOC formula can contribute to LEED certification.

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