Cuviello Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing has joined the Decorative Surface Solution Group (DSSG).

"DSSG continues to attract best in class members and we welcome another industry leader, Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing, to this elite group,” said Curt Thompson, president and CEO of DSSG. “The depth and breadth of their expertise and services is showcased by their many high profile projects, dedication to training programs and the proven ability to achieve LEED accreditation. Jim Cuviello is also the founder of the Concrete Processing and Polishing Technical Institute now operating as the Concrete Polishing Association of America.”

According to the organization, DSSG is focused on the rapidly expanding architectural concrete and decorative flooring solutions. Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing is another member that typifies the quality flooring contractors which include polished concrete, concrete topping slabs, terrazzo, epoxies and other hybrid flooring choices. These elite contractors get special access to key supplier executives as well as their technical geniuses. Those connections combined with access to executives from other top contractors around the country offer a network to learn from and participate in charting the course of this market.

“We joined DSSG for a lot of reasons and are already benefitting on many levels," said Jim Cuviello, CEO of Cuviello Concrete and Terrazzo Polishing. "Financially it makes great sense as we enjoy preferred pricing and discounts the Group provides but that was not the driving factor for us to join at all. It is an invaluable network of peers that we can share with, learn from and solve problems with as well as strategizing on how to partner and grow more rapidly. That’s where I see the big return.”

In addition to bringing some of the most innovative and important suppliers to the table, DSSG is set up as a group buying organization combining the benefits of buyer aggregation and loyalty to the supplier partners. Business advantages to the contractor members in the form of better margins and the ability to access new products, techniques and marketing opportunities before the competition is another value added service.

“Our focus is identifying and developing meaningful relationships with the top players in the decorative flooring contractor world,” said Thompson. “It’s exciting to bring together these seasoned business pros from a cross section of many specialties with a common convergence on the decorative flooring market boom. We will continue to recruit and invite the right companies in territories and areas where we want to establish market coverage so that we have national geographic and product coverage.”

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